Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three Day Weekend.

Can I just start by saying I love three day weekends? Seriously, the best. By the way this post may be a tad long. If you stick around, you are a gem & I really appreciate my readers & commenters!

Saturday, I did a photo shoot with my friend Lyndsie. She was my photographer for my engagement & wedding photos. Basically she's amazing. Not because she takes cool pictures ( that's just a bonus) but because she's one of the sweetest girls I know. I have known her for a really long time because we have grown up in the same church however, these past couple of years I have really had a chance to get to know her better & I have enjoyed that. Anyways, so Saturday was kind of a fluke thing. I was on a run when she texted me asking if I wanted to take photos for my blog. I was like UM YES! She was supposed to take pictures for something else & then that didn't happen so she had all of her equipment with her & that's how the photo shoot happened! Can't wait to share those pictures with you all soon!

Sunday, Andrew was asked to sing at our church! He is the sound and lighting tech for our church but his first love is music. That's where his talent is & what he loves. He loves doing all the tech side of things but it's nice to get out from behind the soundboard and rock out for The Lord!

Monday, we had a day trip planned to Santa Cruz. We never usually have the same day off so when we do we take full advantage of it! Santa Cruz & Capitola are some of our favorite spots. We started out going to Pac ave (Pacific Avenue) and grabbing some lunch. We did a little bit of shopping and then grabbed coffee before we headed out to Capitola to hang on the beach.

^ For my bestie Kristina because when she went to college at Bethany she always took me here^

^ New glasses I picked up at one of my favorite boutiques, Stripe.
I wouldn't know anything if my bestie Kristina hadn't introduced me to these amazing places)^

So then after all of this fun we headed to Capitola. We went to our our favorite Taffy shop and loaded up. Then we sat on the beach for maybe an hour. It was overcast and on the colder side but I love those kind of beach days.

^ He was a little cold!^

 ^ super cold water came up really fast!^

^ I am such a water baby^

Lastly, Andrew and I joined 24 hour fitness last night. There was a good deal going on and no contract so we decided to do it. I am so glad he did too because on rainy days like today I can still workout.
Best part. They have a pool. I cannot wait to get my swimming up to par again.
I had a really amazing weekend. Lots of fun & memories made.
What did you all do with your weekend?

Love Forever,
Chel Chel


  1. What a great weekend! I love the beach and Capitola is beautiful!!

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend! You and your hubby and so cute (and blonde) :)

    1. Thank you! I know he's been blonde since he was a kid. I fake it haha!

  3. oh brr i bet the ocean was cold for sure! but swimming at the pool at 24 hour fitness will be much better than swimming in a cold ocean

    1. Freezing! The pacific ocean is nothing but cold cold water!