Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Saturday is my FAVORITE day of the week! Seriously though, who's favorite day isn't Saturday?
Anyways, I'm sorry blog I didn't post on you for two days! Lots going on and a minor injury to the arch of my foot so needed a break. Alas, why I am posting on a lovely California saturday! Finally was able to do a little shopping thanks to our tax money! Husband wanted me buy a Valentine's day outfit and then he let me grab a few other things. 

Top: Old navy Here
Jeans: Old Navy Here
Shoes: Steve Madden
HairTye: Twistband
Jewelry: J.Crew & Kate Spade
Nail Polish: NYC

Picked these conversation hearts at Target! It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without them! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Love Forever,
Chel Chel


  1. I love that top! So so cute! You are so lovely!

  2. Your husband wanted to buy you a Valentine's day outfit? Can we have our husband's talk? haha :) Very cute outfit!

    1. Yes isn't that so cute! I bought a really cute dress that I will post on Valentine's day!