//Love Story

Andrew and I met in the summer of 2009. We didn't start hanging out until the beginning of 2011. Andrew asked me on a coffee date and we met up at Peet's one Monday. He parked in half hour parking and I parked in one hour parking. Well we hit it off pretty well because two hours later Andrew looked at his phone and realized he had band practice for youth group that week. We both said good-bye. A few moments later I realized I had a parking ticket. Well then Andrew texted me saying he has TWO! He later told me he needed an escape plan in case he didn't like me!

We dated for nine months and on December 23, 2011 he popped the question! He asked me by a park bench in Union Square under the San Francisco sky.  It was the best moment of my life.!

Then in July 21, 2012 we got married in Bay Point, California.

We got married in a little church that some of his family was married in and also where he was a worship leader for a period of time. It was such a memorable and loved-filled day!

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  1. So pretty, love your dress and the theme of your wedding!