Friday, May 29, 2015

Liam the brave turns ONE!

My sweet Liam is ONE today. As I write this early this am I still can remember being in labor and wondering when my sweet baby would come earth side. He came at 7:11pm and was 6lbs 14oz. 

Now I have a very curious, brave, and busy toddler. His little personality is one of a kind! 

Happy First Birthday my sweet baby! You are the best gift to your daddy and me!

He enjoyed the party in his crib! 
Grandma came over and decorated his door! Super cute!!!

I look forward to each year as you grow my sweet baby! 

Oh the sweetness!!!

Love Forever, 
Chel Chel

Monday, May 25, 2015

Long weekend

The weekend was long but fun!
Friday I went out with two of my girlfriends. Hours passed and we realized we all better get home before anyone started to worry! 
 These two kept me laughing! Thankful for genuine friendships and where you can just totally cut loose. I was happy that Andrew and Liam had a night together and I could actually enjoy my food without wrangling a toddler. It's good self care to laugh and feed myself without little fingers. 

Saturday we got coffee & donuts and drove around town and explored. We're always finding new places and we love driving to a close town that has super cute houses. 
This was my grandmas old house when I was super little. Excuse Andrews massive cinnamon roll. 

 I worked two weddings Saturday & Sunday. 
Saturday was interesting.
 Sunday was a blast! 
The Sunday wedding was so beautiful! Her wedding was like a fairytale. I love seeing all the work go into a wedding. Some are interesting but they are almost always beautiful! 

Monday we had a slow morning. The weekend was incredibly busy for me. Working weddings is fun but exhausting. After Liam took his morning nap we packed up and left for an afternoon in the city.
A smiling picture?!?! It can't be!


We went to a coffee shop in SF called Site Glass. Andrew's co-worker recommended it and it was super delicious! They roast their beans on site. We both has cold brew vanilla latte's and I also ordered a sea salt carmel covered in chocolate. 

How adorable are they?!

He didn't actually drink any. =)

We headed to the marina district to play in the grass and try to snap some shots in front of Golden Gate. As usual, fog. It was fun never the less.

Such a great shot of my energetic boy!

His moccasins are from Little Rebel Apparel on Etsy.

Blurry, but sweet with a fog covered Golden Gate. Ah well.

We hope you had a fabulous weekend! 

Love Forever,
Chel Chel