Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting

Well I am really feeling like an athlete again. Last night I ran 2 miles and didn't stop. Not once. I pushed through and I felt so proud after. I have really been working my way into running. I literally started by walking around my neighborhood just shy of 6 weeks ago. Now I can run miles & know I can push through and keep going. 
My friend Tiffany asked me to think about doing a 10k with her in August. She also asked my best friend Kristina. Kristina is Tiffany's and I connecting friend. I have known Kristina since pretty much elementary school. Kristina and Tiffany met in college a few years back and they became best friends. Now all three of us are like three peas in a pod & have become a lot closer as a group lately. It's really been great and I am very thankful for their friendships! 
Anyways, we have a little group chat on our iPhones and we are always cheering each other on in our fitness goals! Of course we talk about everything else but I am focusing specifically on fitness today. So yesterday Tiffany's parents bought her registration to do a 10K. So she asked me and really encouraged me that I could do it. Especially since in a short amount of time I can run 2 miles and the race isn't until August so I have plenty of time to train. Well Kristina doesn't live in CA right now but in August she will be in town so it worked out perfect for the three of us to challenge ourselves and train for a 10k! I am really excited and looking forward to training & accomplishing something that seems so big to me right now. Anyways, on to the Pinterest inspiring fitness photos!

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

Also I am really excited to start adding swimming into my workouts. I was a swimmer in high school and it is seriously the best activity to train all your muscles. It's low impact and such an easy calorie burner. I love swimming more than I do running but I want to really work up to being good at both so I have options and variety. 
My water polo picture in high school. Would love to swim like I did then!

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  1. Good for you! I need to get back into my exercise routine again. You have given me some new motivation...

  2. Keep up the hard work. I'm not a big fan of running either, but sometimes it's easier than going for a swim.

  3. Wow, great job!!!! Walking to running in 6 weeks?! Teach me your ways! :)