Monday, October 6, 2014

// capsule wardrobe

I've been learning to live a lot more simple of a life. This past year was a huge hit on our finances. We cut out almost any extra in our lives. We started selling things we didn't use, like or need. We have flipped 180 from the life we used to live. We started setting budgets and making our extras very small. We didn't do this by choice. We had no choice but it's been humbling to really live on what you need. Not what you want. 

This led me to doing a capsule wardrobe. I took everything, and I mean everything out of my closet and storage and went through it all. I have three bags full of clothes to donate, a laundry basket and a half full of clothes I'm selling and about two storage bins of other seasonal clothes. I kept loungewear in good condition, workout clothes and the items above in my picture. ( there is a few not pictured and I have a couple items left to buy) but that's it! I feel so liberated and free of stuff. 

Stuff was consuming me. It was my escape to go buy material items when I was happy, sad or frustrated. I bought things out of impulse. Never for style, for, if it would last, or be a piece I could rotate throughout my wardrobe. I just bought things to buy them. When I look at my donate and sell pile I just see wasted money. Money wasted on things that I loved for a minute. I want to have clothes that just go together, fit and be stylish but not trendy. I'm a mom now and I don't have time to keep up with the latest trends. I just want to look out together and move on with my day. 

I plan to do this for every season now. It's so much easier getting ready and knowing I'm going to be saving money by not having to shop for clothes for three months. It will help me be able to put that money into savings, date nights or any other extra instead. 

If you want to know more about capsule wardrobes check out this link: 

Love Forever,