Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Contentment + Cara Box

Lately, I have been thinking more about being content. 
Content with life.
All aspects.

It's not easy to be content when you look around and start to compare your life to the one's around you.
I could sit here right now and become very discontent.
Real fast.
I could being discontent with the cars my husband and I drive.
The fact that one of them is in the driveway with a broken clutch.
With our apartment because it's older.
With work.
With finances.
With raises I feel we deserve.
With my clothes.
With my hair.
With my body.
With wanting a baby.
With wanting people to respect me. 
and on & on & on.
I could go and start letting negativity pour and marinate my mind.

It's a sick thing we do to ourselves. On purpose. 
We let ourselves get this idea in our heads we need more and that will make us happy.
Wrong. Oh so wrong that thought is. 
We get so worked up over what other people have & they get all worked up with that we have!

I am learning to be content. About 98 percent of the time I could really say I am content. 
I'm married to an amazing man.
I'm taking care of my body & health.
I have a wonderful family ( which includes a lot of people now.)
I have amazing friends who love & support me & help me grow.
I have a job that fulfills me inside.
I have clothes to wear.
A roof over my head.
A car to get me places.
& even enough extra money to feed my Starbucks addiction.

I literally just chose to become content instead of discontent. It's a choice you make.
Other things I'm discontent with are only because I haven't made the choice to change it.
I have been blessed with so much when others are blessed with so little. It's okay to dream & want more but don't let material superficial things overtake the joy in your life. There is so much beauty in this world. I choose daily to live my life & discover the beauty around me.

I participated in the April Cara Box Exchange which is such an awesome thing! I love getting to know other bloggers and being able to send treats in the mail. I also look forward to this because it instantly brightens my day!
Check out Stevie's box I sent her! She seemed to really enjoy it!
My box came from Krystal and she sent me an awesome box! I was flooded with joy & warmth through her encouraging note and all the thoughtful things she sent me!

The water bottle I have used on almost all my runs now. It's the perfect size.
The chocolate was gone in 5 seconds. Let's be real! I have a chocolate problem
I started growing my herbs she sent me!
The candle smells amazing and has been burning on the coffee table ever since. 
The towel has come in handy because we ran out of paper towels.
The amazing little poof will be with me in my next bath time.
Thank you again Krystal! You really made me smile!

Happy Tuesday!
Love Forever,
Chel Chel

P.S. I didn't forget about my beauty giveaway when I reach 30 followers on bloglovin! I only have 10 more to go!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Cleaning = Clothes to buy!

This is my first blog sale! I have been slowly, key word, cleaning out my clothes. I've been running and working out a lot so a good portion of my clothes are to big now. That's the process of getting healthy though. You have to continue to buy clothes that fit your body and be proud in those moments. 

The fine print. 
You can e-mail me at chel_hunter@yahoo.com to purchase clothing. If you know me personally you can just text me. I will take all payments through paypal. It will take me 24-48 hours to confirm and ship. Shipping will be a flat 5 dollars. I will list a price for most but a best offer for some. I hope you see something you like!

Item 01
J.Crew Top
Size 10
Price: 15 OBO

Item 02
J.Crew Top
Size S but fits like a M
Gently worn
Price: 10

 Item 03
Target Tank
Size L
Gently worn
Price: 5

Item 04
J.Crew Blouse
Size 10
Gently worn
Price: 15 OBO

Item 05
Old Navy Tee
Size L
Worn two times
Price: 5 

Item 06
Vera Wang by Kohls top
Size XL
Gently worn
Price: 5

Item 07
Forever 21 Plus Dress
Size XL
Worn once
Price: 10

Item 08
Forever 21 Plus Dress
Size XL
Worn twice
Price: 10

Item 09
Target Dress
Size XL
Worn twice
Price: 10

Item 10
Paige Denim Bootcut Low Rise Jeans
Never Worn
Size 31
Price: 60 OBO

Happy Monday!

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

Don't forget once I hit 30 followers on Bloglovin I am doing a beauty giveaway!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Color Commotion

T-shirt: J.Crew//Jeans: Old Navy// Denim Vest: Unknown// Long Necklace: J.Crew
//Mrs. Necklace: Kate Spade// Flats: Target

Well here in the Bay Area we are in full swing of spring! I am loving spring besides the allergies of course. I never had allergies until this year and it really stinks. 
I am really trying to keep re mixing my wardrobe but I see a spring cleaning in my future. I really need to start replacing items I keep saying I am going to wear and never do.

This past Saturday I spoke about my blog at our women's Mugs & Muffins brunch. It was a great turnout with about 200 ladies there. I was asked to speak on my blog and fashion. I was very nervous but I spoke from my heart and I think I really got my message across. Fashion is really fun and it is very important to have a healthy, loving, positive self image of yourself. It can really have a positive affect on your life. It's okay to love yourself enough to put yourself together and take care of yourself. God created you so beautifully and He enthralls in your beauty. So many women daily beat themselves up over their "flaws" that only you notice.

 I came across this Dove video on Facebook and it is exactly my point I was making on Saturday, with of course a few helpful fashion tips!

I want you to remember you are beautiful. 
Love yourself.
Embrace yourself.
Take care of yourself.

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Audrey Inspired

 Top: Forever 21//Pants: Target//Shoes:J.Crew//Pearl Bracelet:J.Crew//Necklace & Watch Bracelet:Charming Charlie //Sunnies:Boutique//Lipstick:Ulta

I really love black head to toe. I think it always looks classy. 
Adding this peplum top and ankle pants added my own personal style to the look.
I just bought this link rose gold necklace from Charming Charlie and I am in LOVE.
My sunnies make me feel very Audrey Hepburn. She is one of my favorite style icons.
A small heel with a peep-toe is perfect for spring.

How do you like to wear all black? How do you add your personal touch to an all black look?

I am also really excited to tell you that this weekend I am speaking at my church's Mugs & Muffins Ladies Brunch! 

The women's director asked me to speak about my blog & fashion. I am a little nervous to speak because there are usually about 300 women that come. I know God is growing me and really showing me my talents. It will only be for about 10 minutes and I have my friend Rachel coming to model a few outfits for me. I am very excited and honored but very nervous at the same time!!
Any advice??

Love Forever,
Chel Chel 
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Once I hit 30 followers on BlogLovin I am doing a beauty Giveaway!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Massage Envy, I love you so much for your hour of relaxation.

Dear Andrew, I REALLY love your new haircut! You look smokin!

Dear running, I'm mad at you today but Sunday will be great!

Dear Kristina & Tiffany, I REALLY MISS YOU!

Dear clothes, Can you please semi-fit a little longer? I'm happy that you are getting bigger but I don't have money to buy new ones right now.

Dear readers, I want to do a giveaway when my bloglovin hits 30 followers. I'm thinking a small beauty giveaway like nail polish, face masks, candles, bath soap etc.

Love Forever, 
Chel Chel

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bucket List


1. Run my SF 10k Giant Race in August.
2. Run a Half Mararthon sometime after August.
3. Run a Marathon in the next two years.
4. Have a baby in the next two years.
5. Go to hair school which has been a dream and not reality for way to long.
6.Go on a week long vacation with my husband.
7. Invest more in the friendships that matter to me & less into the ones that do not.
8. Go back to London.
9. Swim with Dolphins.
10. Eat a bagel and cream cheese in heaven.
11. Own a winter cabin/house.
12.  Relax & rejuvinate more.

Source: brayola.com via Chelsea on Pinterest

What's on your bucket list?
Love Forever,
Chel Chel
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P.S. I am thinking of doing a giveaway of some beauty products once I reach 30 Bloglovin followers =)