Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hello Tuesday!

This post will be a little random with good & bad but it's just some thoughts & experiences lately.

Well first I had an awesome hike this morning with my friend Jordyn! We have been friends since childhood and we have recently reconnected since we are both in the same spot now. There are tons of trails around where we live so we did one today called Mt. Wanda. It's a little over a mile up & then we just make our way down. I think my Nike app said like 2.30 miles or something. 

Instagram this morning: chelzz08

Gorgeous right?! Felt so good at the top staring all around at God's beauty.

So Sunday Andrew and i did some shopping as you saw in my previous post. He bought me that new Kate Spade phone case. Well.... let me tell you, don't buy that case. I was holding my phone at work yesterday on the playground and a jr high kid totally pulverized me with a huge ball! (which they aren't supposed to throw them like that anyways) 
My phone fell barely 2 feet and it got so scratched up! I should have taken a picture but I was so bad I didn't. I am surprised for a 30 dollar case it didn't hold up better. Although, honestly like most overpriced material items they never hold up well. It's always my inexpensive items that last me seriously forever.
 I was so upset though because Andrew and I have been really good with money since we got married six months ago so the one time we really can let loose a little and treat ourselves my dumb case gets ruined. Well I went to go take it back because I couldn't believe how horribly this case was made. I just wanted to take it back but I couldn't and I only could exchange so I got a silicone case instead. They actually paid me .27 cents to to get that one. So at the end of the day I can't be that upset and my old manager helped me so it all worked out. However, I am now sticking to my gut & budget from now on and I am not buying unnecessary expensive items. 

Here's my new case:

Still cute but honestly it's not really worth 30 dollars in my opinion. I will stick with the inexpensive one's on amazon! 

Last, my best friend just got back from Canada! 

Isn't she so gorgeous and stylish! She went to visit her family and cousins up there & from her pictures she looked like she had a blast! I hope I can visit one day and she can show me around. 
One day though she texted me a picture of this crazy hat! 

However not so crazy because we both love England. We went there when we were thirteen on a missions trip with our church. ( not missions like the Jehovah witness do. ) We had the time of our lives! We still can't believe our parents let us go & we were the youngest on the trip. We swear when were 30 we're going back so I hope we can make that happen. Maybe the hat will bring us luck!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Love Forever,
Chel Chel


  1. The photos from your hike this morning are gorgeous!!

    1. Thank you! An amazing feeling being up there!

  2. Darn phone cases! Mine is totally worn out but I refuse to get a new one because it is so sturdy and my phone has never been scratched the countless time I have dropped it (I better have not just jinxed myself!)

    1. I know. My old one was fine and I should have stuck with it! Oh well!