Monday, February 25, 2013

Oh, Weekend.

Friday: Well first I got my hair done! Yipee!! I was  looking forward to Friday night. My friend Rachel had a post Valentine's party planned. All day I was itching to go & enjoy a fun evening with friends. I didn't run that day because it was my rest day.

Saturday: Started the day with a 2 mile run. Wasn't my best run but I don't freakin care beacuse I did it and I am doing it. I am a runner now now matter how slow or fast and I go. My goal is to be running 3 miles by the end of March.
Andrew & I were off the afternoon to see some of our favorite people for lunch! We met up with Brian & Andrea & my friend Amber lives with there family & she came along too! I was so happy to see all three of them!! They are such amazing, genuine people that I truly am blessed by their friendships. We met up at five guys which was super yummy. Andrew also let me sneak in a little Lush trip before we met up with them! Love that store!
After I took Andrew to the church for band practice and I ran a couple errands before church.

Sunday: Sunday, I loathe you Sunday. I am really mad at you Sunday. Every Sunday I do a 3 mile hike with my mom but not this Sunday. No from 1am to 4am my body said no. You're getting sick and I am going to make you miserable for a couple of hours. Oh, and forget the dinner you ate that's not staying in your body for long. Ralph. 
You get the picture. I got really sick and there was no way I could get up at 8am to go hike. I was so mad. I already was feeling like my running was slacking and I'm not doing any other strength training or circuit training so I was like well cool I can run but I'm not doing anything to improve it. Well besides hiking but obviously my body was mad at me and took that away from me. I mean I am running 4-5 days a week. Which is way more than like half of America. However, for me that's not good enough. I know how I pushed myself during sports and this isn't good enough for me. 
Unless I take a step back and realize only 6 weeks ago I was sitting on the couch doing nothing. I mean I would walk a little here and there but really nothing. Now I can run two miles no problem. I should be happy & really I am but I am mad that I have had this little setback & also feeling like I am running to slow.

Okay, enough ranting but this week is a new week and my goal is to run 5 times this week. Whether its 1 mile or 3 I just want to actually run 5 times. Also, I want to start adding some strength training in. I am not brave enough to do the pool yet. Which is stupid because I love swimming and I know what I am doing. Maybe I will get brave who knows.
Any strength training tips? Pinterest helps a lot but I like hearing what real people do.

& P.S. I just laced up my shoes and went for a run. & I freakin bossed my mile & got under 12 minutes. I don't care that it was only one mile. I did it & I ran with my heart.


Okay have a great Monday ( even though we all know Monday's suck.)

Love Forever,
Chel Chel


  1. Keep up with the running you are doing awesome. Running is such a love hate relationship!

    1. Thanks! It's been really great to get back into running & being fit in general. I put on the happy weight from when I started dating my husband until we got married but before then I was a total athlete so I'm kicking my butt to get back in shape!