Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Churches + College

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These are some thoughts lately I have had on how Churches view college age adults. (18-29 age range)
First off, this age is a roller coaster. Life changes in the blink of an eye. You graduate high school and you instantly have a million decisions you can make. It can be exciting but also frightening at the same time. All the W questions get brought up and it can instantly make you anxious and worried if you're making the right choice.

Where church comes into this mix, well frankly I don't think it does. Not enough at least. Sure sometimes there are home groups or small groups at some churches and if you're lucky maybe even a college group service to go too. However, I don't think that's enough. I don't think enough churches are putting enough emphasis on this age group. This is the age where we figure out who we are, what our identity is, who we are going to be friends with and what type of lifestyle we want to live. This age group comes and goes through generations and I think a lot of us get lost. We start going through life and hit our middle age and then go through this middle age crisis wishing someone was there to guide us in our twenties. Our twenties shape and define what values and morals we are going to have throughout our life. It's a critical time that I don't think churches pay much attention to.
It gets skipped.

Left alone until you get married or stay single into your 30's and 40's and then you can go to married's groups or singles groups. Well great now you are defined by your age and martial status, Not exactly who you are in Christ. Because in your twenties you didn't develop this with a group of mentors and peers around you to help support and cheer you on while you are growing your relationship in Christ. It takes a lot of courage to claim you're a Christian on your twenties without having some support behind you. 

So what is my point of this little ramble? Well that I don't think churches care enough or put enough emphasis on this age group yet expect us to rise up and become these God fearing people without much support or help. Small groups and college age services are great but the problem is they are far and few between and they aren't a priority like a lot of ministries are. More focus gets put on the ones before college age and after college age.

This age shapes and molds who we are in Christ and were not strong enough to do it alone. We need people. We need leaders who care passionately about this age and guide us through this weird, crazy and scary time of our life. 

This post is bold on my part. I am really nervous to hit that post button because this is a topic that most churches don't care to hear because it doesn't fit there criteria. Well in my opinion more leaders and pastors should care about this age. It shouldn't be swept aside and it should be a priority. Unfortunately, to many churches have an agenda and a housekeeping list they need to stick to or it ruins there little perfect church mold. 

I want to connect with the un-churched. The people who don't understand church. The people who just need someone willing to listen to them and not judge them. Someone to care when no one else seems to. To show them love, hope and life. People don't need the bible shoved down their throat. 

They need love.

Isn't that what we all need?

  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Matthew 28:19

Love Forever,
Chel Chel


  1. I can definitely see how this can be a big issue in many churches. They try to create programs that benefit the majority of the congregation - usually middle aged people. Which leads to programs for middle aged adults, and their children.

    The good thing about "mega churches" is that there are enough resources to have programs for children and adults in all different life stages. For example, my church has several programs for adults 18-29. The first is your traditional college group for 18-25 year olds. It meets once a week for a big group, and small groups meet on other nights throughout the week. The second is for young professionals :) It's focused on anyone who wants to be involved (single or married), but is past the college scene and doesn't want to be in a couples group (if they’re married). The third option for this age range is the young marrieds group. And while it does delineate based on marital status, for some people that's what they're looking for to grow individually and as a couple.

    Sorry for the mega comment, but my point is I think there are some churches trying to bridge this gap between the fire and passion from high school group and the 15+ years before you are “settled” as an adult. But these type of programs would be way too much work if there were only 25 people coming to them. I completely agree with you though that this should be a bigger priority. It’s very circular in nature. Churches don’t have as many young adults attending because they don’t have programs for them, but because there aren’t any young adults the churches don’t create programs.

  2. I agree! The church I grew up has a huge emphasis on the teen/twenties age group and I was so thankful for that! There is a youth program for 12-18 years olds where they have service projects, activities, and fun things they all do together. Once you turn 18 theres a singles group that all meets together for church and they have activities throughout the week as well. I loved it so so much!