Monday, February 9, 2015

// What's in my diaper bag

I recently sold my Petunia Pickle Bottom bag and bought this Skip Hop bag! I am so thrilled to have this diaper bag. It's much more suitable for me and my lifestyle. The PPB bag was to bulky, hard to open because it has a flap that went over the bag, I couldn't easily grab the changing pad because it was attached inside the bag and I never had enough room for bottles unless they were on the outside. While I did love that it was a backpack I honestly don't think I will miss that feature to much. Plus, my hubby said he's happy he doesn't have to carry a flower bag anymore! 

Left to right:
Burp cloths
The Vintage Honey Shop teething necklace
Huggies diapers
Wipes case
Target wallet/ cellphone holder
Baby Einstein toy ( current favorite) 
Formula holder
Hand sanitizer 
Diaper cream 
Nose spray
Pouch to hold all the small things 
Dr. Browns Bottles 
Extra socks
Sophie the Giraffe 

Romper outfit

I keep my Beco Baby Carrier in the car and extra blankets in there. Although, living in California now I don't need as many blankets unless it's the morning or evening. 
I have so much room still in this bag. I could fit my baby carrier and blankets if I wanted too. 

I like te seperate pockets too so things aren't getting lost. The outer pocket isn't as deep so it's easier to navigate what I need.

This bag also has two outside pockets which im sure my keys and other miscellaneous items will end up in. 
My favorite feature is the bottle space. There's one on each side and I love how secure they are in there! The bag also has stroller clips on the inside and super handy to have just sewn in and not have to worry about.
The back pocket holds the changing pad and I love that it just comes in and out. Super handy!

What do you carry in your diaper bag? What are your necessities? What are your favorite diaper bags? 

Love Forever, 
Chel Chel 

// Homemade Laundry Soap

I finally needed to make laundry soap again! My last batch lasted me a little over a year. I couldn't imagine spending money on laundry detergent very few weeks ever again. I was able to go to Walmart and get all my supplies and it took me less than 10 minutes to put this all together. Up front it costs aroun $30 dollars to get the supplies which include the jar. Walmart had this one for around ten dollars. 
Here's what you will need:
1 box washing soda
1 box borax
1 run of oxi clean ( the smaller tub) 
1 Zote soap or Fels Naptha. Either will work. 
1 Purex Crystals. 
I picked this one up because it said it was hypoallergenic for baby but any of those downy crystals they have now will work so pick a scent you like! I added the Purex crystals to add some softener. My clothes tended to get a little static and not as soft as using a normal detergent and so far I'm happy I added this in to this batch! 
I picked up the Zote soap instead of the Fels Naptha soap. It smells a lot better and it's a fun pink color! 

You will need a cheese grater to grate that up and that is the most work it will take to put this all together. Grate it into a garbage bag.
 Once that's finished add all the other ingredients and tie the garbage bag off and start mixing! I would shake it but it's pretty heavy so I just kept rolling it around my counter to get it mixed. Then I cut off an end and started pouring into my jar! 
The oxi clean comes with a scoop with four lines. I use the bottom one for my normal laundry and half for towels and linens. Like a measuring cup so about 1/4 filled for everyday laundry. 

That's it! Super easy and it only adds up to a few cents a load. Can't beat that! Anyway I can save money, I'm in! Plus this jar just looks so cute in the laundry area. 

Love Forever, 
Chel Chel