Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Birthday Recap}

Have you noticed any changes? Well my blogger got a mini facelift & also a name change! I have been thinking about changing the name for a little while now. I started to this blog because well, I wanted to start a blog and meet new people. I wanted a space to share what ever was on my mind that day. This blog has become a reflection of my personal lifestyle so I took a step out and changed the name to reflect myself a bit better.
Chelzz has been my nickname since high school and well the chats part if ya know me I talk a lot.
Seriously. I love talking to people. I hope you will stick around so I can get to know you & you can get to know me. 

My birthday this year was fantastic! I turned 23 & I was filled with joy and love. This post is going to have a ton of pictures so I hope you love pictures as much as I do!

My friend Rachel took me out for my birthday & I had a ton of fun!!

She attached a twenty on the back of my birthday card to do some shopping! She is so sweet & I loved spending time with this girl!

Happy birthday to me I'm 23!

Andrew left me a surprise in the morning and kind of (not really) hinted where we were going for our little getaway. (Picture with the rose and bucket)
I started the day off with a hike & breakfast with my mama. Went to church and my friend Amanda gave me part 1 of my gift. Then Andrew and I were off to who knows where! I have a hard time keeping surprises so Andrew always gets everything the second I can give it to him. He is patient so he waits until the last possible second just to torture me! He finally let me play twenty questions and I guessed Monterey on like question 10 or 11. I was so excited and couldn't wait to get to our hotel. He said it was right on the water and it literally was 30 feet away!

I was so excited about my Toms wedges! 
He knows me so well!

PF Changes for my birthday dinner.


Gorgeous morning!

Fun hanging in Cannery Row!
(I think my hubby blinked because it was so overcast and bright out!)

I had a blast this weekend! I am overjoyed and thank my Creator for giving me these beautiful people in my life. 
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Love Forever,
Chel Chel