Thursday, January 24, 2013

Storms, Rain & Trust.

I would say this season of life isn't necessarily a storm but it's not sunshine spring day either. I have been growing tremendously for about the past year. I have encountered more changes in a short period of time than I have ever expected. I got married, gained friendships, lost friendships, had people move away, had new people enter my "space", go through painful hurt by people I never thought would hurt me and so on.
 It's been a ride. It's been unexpected
However, through it all I tried to chose Jesus. I try to remember, "Oh yeah, My heavenly Father cares about all this so let's just talk to Him." It's a hard thing to remember to talk to Him because we can't tangibly touch him. I have such a hard time with this because I am such a textile person and have to touch EVERY. SINGLE. THING. I'm five years old at the grocery store touching every pasta jar, rice bag and other weird shaped things. 
You get the point.
It doesn't mean He isn't there though because He is. You start talking to Him, reading His word, giving your tithe and it's like BAM here I am! Blessing overload. That's not why I talk to Him though. I talk to Him because I am not strong enough to live this life alone. Yes I have my husband, friends, and family but it's not enough. I need jesus everyday or it just doesn't work. Everyday seems like a rainy day without Him to help me, encourage me and slap my wrist when I get a little sassy. ( alot sassy)
This is and has been a very rainy season. It hasn't stopped raining but I haven't stop praying and knowing right now I am in the will of God and its where I am supposed to be. It's a little thing called trust I am trying my best everyday to learn. My trust has been broke I think more times this year than it has been my whole life. I choose to trust God because He knows whats best even though all I see is rain and mud.
I choose to dance in this rain though, get my boots a little muddy and keep on trusting.

Love Forever,
 Chel Chel

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