Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting! ( Link Up )

Dear Pinterest,
 How you capture the soul of every woman on this planet. To show us how un-crafty, un-domesticated, un-fashionable and how lame our un-traveling lives are. Yet, you suck us in to your virtual pinboards and make us dream we can one day become these amazing women who can have it all.

Okay, cutting the drama. 
However, we all know Pinterest does this to us. It SUCKS you in. 
Lately, I have been pinning things I just either find completely hilarious or undeniably beautiful. So relatable to each other. I know.

 Here's what's been on my boards lately.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

I pretty much live in the most amazing place EVER.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

So obessed with Downton Abbey right now. Wish I could see this place in real life.

Gorgeous, right?

Now to the hilarious-ness:

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest

If you haven't seen Pitch Perfect...well you need too!

Right? Didn't I tell you?

My life FYI.

Applies to every woman I know. 

Again, like I said. 
Love this Link-up!!

Love forever,
 Chel Chel


  1. San Francisco! Oh how these pins make me miss home!!! I love that city!
    I can totally relate to the boob problems! I think I have a twisted sense of how big I am- cause I will still look at a top and stretch the cups a little and think "Hmmm will it fit??" lol

    1. Are you originally from SF? I love my home! Haha and yes the boob problem! All those cute little dresses and it's sad I can't wear half of them because of the top portion. Makes it even better when I find dresses that fit both my bust and hips! BTW love your blog! New follower of your blog and thanks commenting! Im new to the blog world!

  2. Love your pins! I've lived that busty-girl cartoon more than once!

    I, too, am obsessed with Downton Abbey. In fact, my Oh How Pinteresting post is about Downton Abbey fashions! I hope you'll stop by and say hi.

    Also, loved the Pitch Perfect reference--I LOVE that movie! I've seen it 4 times and I'm not tired of it yet!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

    1. Oh! How I love Downton Abbey! So obsessed and any bit of English I can grab I take it!