Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting my Fitness on!

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I think it's fair enough to say everyone wants to be in shape. We all want to feel good about ourselves, be able to get dressed with ease and all together live healthy so we can have a long life. Fitness to me cam easy as a child. I played soccer for 12 years, swam for about 3 and played water polo for 3. I know what it feels and looks like to be in shape. I know the work it takes and the dedication to keep at it everyday. 
It's not easy.
With all these new fad diets and different ways to exercise there really isn't any excuse. ( However, I do find some of the diets absolutely dumb and ridiculous. Like juicing? really? You need more than plants to keep you alive people!)

Anyways, I am a firm believer in hard work, eating a balanced diet and staying motivated to keep at it in the long run. 

Also, by balanced I mean don't deprive yourself. My mom lost over 50 pounds in a year because she kept up her exercise, not restricting her food. I think it's so ridiculous when people feel so guilty over eating a brownie, a cupcake or a burger. Give up people! It's okay, just keep moving your butt everyday and in the long run it won't matter when your metabolism is always up and movin. When I was playing water polo I HAD to eat. If I didn't, well lets just say my head would probably be under water. Seriously though please don't beat yourself up over what you eat. Try to balance everything out and treat yourself. It ain't gonna kill ya.

Okay, back to the fitness stuff. So lately I have been trying to walk everyday ( except Sundays ) for 30 minutes. So far it's been pretty good. Last week I did maybe 3 or 4 days because it was really busy and I was getting over being sick. Now mind you where I live is on a hill. Everywhere around me is hills. So my walks gets pretty intense because I try to power walk up this gigantic hills. I feel good though. I know my body is starting to feel good too. It may just be about 30 to 40 minutes but it's something. It's my starting point to really get going again. I know that feeling of being in shape and I crave that everyday. Fitness is a lifestyle not a fad. Everyday I do it I know it's becoming my lifestyle.

My view this morning after walking up a massive hill.

What are some ways you stay in shape? 

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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  1. I played water polo too! Once I stopped competing I had to drastically change the way I ate. I'm still very active, but still hit the gym so I can eat whatever I fell like without feeling guilty :) I also like to workout in the morning to jump start my metabolism and then i can't talk myself out of working out after work.... which i'm usually really good at doing.

    Keep up the hard work.