Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Andrew and I started working on Liam's nursery this weekend. We will be sharing our master bedroom with Liam since we are in a one bedroom apartment. Our room is sort of an L shaped. When you walk into our room your in a square part of that looks like any other bedroom. When you turn to the right there is this long narrower space where we are putting Liam's nursery. We are going to put up some cute curtains to help divide the space as well. I actually like this set-up better because before we had our bed in the smaller, narrow space and I just think the room flows better flopped the other way now. I have been browsing Pinterest a lot for small nursery space ideas and there is a ton of ideas! 
Love the patterns in this!

However, I love all the color in this one!

Simple and very textile.

We have a wall that we will probably be doing something like this on to use the space better. Since we do not have a lot of floor space going vertical will help.

Here is our current set-up as of now! It really is the perfect space. The dresser will help a lot for storage and be used as the changing table. I am thinking a glider facing towards the window would be great and would sit up against the curtains we put up. The wall to the left we will use for vertical storage. The crib will eventually go where the swing and bassinet are but I would really like to avoid using a crib right up front. Unless he magically loves sleeping in a huge space right up front I know he will most likely want to be snuggled and in a smaller sleeping space. Plus, then I can drag the bassinet next to me at night for feedings and obsessively checking his breathing. 

Finally having my own child is a weird thing. I am so used to babies, toddlers, preschool and school age children but they aren't mine. I give them back to their parents at the end of the day. Knowing Liam is mine and isn't going anywhere is going to be a very surreal thing. 

My friend Kaitlyn from high school sent me the cutest outfit yesterday! I totally wasn't expecting it and it came during a tough part in my afternoon so I was overjoyed!
How cute is that bow tie!

I also have been trying to decide what to do with the wall where the bassinet is currently in front of. 
My friend Corrine's son has the cutest decor for her son Maxwell!
I mean seriously he has the coolest art decor!

I am excited to really start nesting and getting prepared for Liam. I know I won't be totally prepared and there will be things I need or other things I got and really don't need at all. However, Andrew has told me how cool it is to see me nest. He was like it's so weird but I love it!
I am just so excited to be a family a three soon!

One last note for all our family and friends back in California, my baby shower will be around the end of March but I can't book tickets quite yet so I don't have any dates yet until I can actually buy the ticket to come. However, I wanted to share the Target Baby registry with you now. I am possibly going to register on Amazon to if I get around to finishing it so I will post that link in a later post if I do. I just know with Andrew and I living two states up now possibly just shipping things might make things easier.

Here is the Target Baby registry:

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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