Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My spiritual high is higher than yours.

I have been sitting here laughing at how hilarious yet true this guy is!

I have been thinking lately about being content in all areas of my life.
That includes my spiritual life.
I suppose I am a typical "Christian."
I pray.
Read my bible.
Go to church.
Attend events.
Served on missions trips.

 I can say though that those are all great things.
However, I think Christianity has gotten so over media-lized.
Everyone posts their verse of the day.
(yeah, I have the same Bible app you do, read that one too. Thanks!)
Tweets about how God is moving in their lives right in this very moment.
Getting married at 18 because God gave me His blessing over my life.
Instagraming their Bible's at Starbucks.
Look how spiritual and full my life is!

Blah blah blah!
Okay I am sorry that's all dandy but it's not always real.
The inter-web is not a real social place.
People face to face in REAL life are.
People have real issues and problems that can't be fixed with a verse of the day.

I get a little upset when people try to make out their lives to be WAYYY more spiritual than mine.
Just because I'm not facebooking it every 5 minutes doesn't make me less spiritual.
God knows my heart.
He knows I try to love people where they are at.
He knows it & I know it.

I have a personality.
One that doesn't include talking about God 24/7
I have other things to talk about!
I have other dreams & goals and life to handle & yeah God has obviously a big role but it's not my every single thought all day long.
It's just not.
Actually I'm not sorry because I don't feel "guilty" not pretending I am so overly spiritual person all the time.
That would be a lie.
I'm not a liar.

I feel like more people should learn to have relationships that are actually meaningful and don't include shallow Christian fellowship.
That's not real & it's not fulfilling and I don't think God intended that. 
Growing in God includes learning and making mistakes and remembering He gave us grace.
It doesn't need to be tweeted a 100 times a day. 
We already have it. It's there to take, so just take it.

I encourage you to not always show your social media friends how "Christian" you are but actually taking the time to develop a meaningful relationship with our Creator and with the people around you.

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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  1. I am so glad that you spoke up about this kind of issue. Lately I feel everyone is "trying" so hard with their relationship with God that it doesn't seem personal or real anymore.