Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday, Where have you been?

This week has been one of the longest one's I have had in a while.
When my husband and I were dating I was working three jobs.
Yes three.
Retail @ J.Crew
After School Extended Day
My schedule was crazy and I never had a minute to relax.
Never a moment to myself.
I quit the first two jobs 2 summers ago which was a few months before I was engaged.
( I can't believe that much time has past! )
I went from a crazy schedule to my very part-time after school job. It was perfect though. 
I had my mornings & early afternoons to work out, hang out with friends & rest.
Then on to eventually planning a wedding. 
Which I NEVER want to do again.
I loved having a wedding but I understand now why people don't deal with the fuss.
Anywho so I was enjoying this time of rest God gave me.
I was able to focus on me and grow a lot.
Well this past week a lady who works in the school kitchen had surgery so I took her hours.
Not really thinking it was a big deal because hey I used to work three jobs!
I am SO tired!
My husband has almost no symphony for me and I know most people work an 8 hour day.
However, I forgot how long those days can be. How it really sucks the life out of you. How quickly my joyful attitude has changed because my brain hasn't recharged in enough time. I miss my rest time!
I just want to remind you that rest is important. I am blessed to have more hours of work, don't get me wrong but focusing on yourself is important too. Focusing on your family, kids & friends is important. Taking time to do something you love is important. 
Work is important but, take time to enjoy life because it really goes by so quickly.
Happy Friday!
Love Forever,
Chel Chel
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  1. I can so relate! I love being able to have time to grow spiritually, as a wife, personally, in my health, all the things that are most important to me. I don't want to miss anything! If only life could slow down..