Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mint & Lace

 Top: Forever 21 //Jeans: Forever 21 Plus (Size 12! Holler! Almost back in the 10's!) //Flats: Target Necklace: Target// Arm Candy: Forever 21// Nail Polish: Target NYC

I have been swooning over this mint lace top since I picked it up at Forever 21. 
My hubby took me shopping because I have been spring cleaning & getting rid/ selling clothes that he knew I was needing some more tops. 
I was grabbing left and right not necessarily paying attention to sizes.
 Usually at Forever 21 if it wasn't a size large I didn't even bother.
I mean before I started getting serious about my health I was barely a 14 making nice in the size 16 comfort zone!
I was in the dressing room trying on top after top.
Loved this black one that was similar to this one but it was black. I needed more color in my life.
It's spring, Hello?!!!
I tried this one on and LOVED it.
Of course the net thing I do is look at the price tag and see how much damage I'm doing.
Looked past the 19.80 or whatever price tag and saw it was a size....

Yup you heard me. Small.
I think my jaw dropped to the floor.
Now it is a flowy top but not in the chest area. 
That's always where tops don't fit.
I have an hourglass shape so getting things to fit around my waist isn't usually a problem.
Nope. That pretty top button right over those puppies!

I realize I am not going to be a small everywhere and that's okay.
My point here is that before I wouldn't have bothered to look at this top and I would have probably walked out of that store feeling bad about myself.

I just want to remind you that weight loss isn't an easy journey.
I mess up all the time.
I skip a workout.
Or I eat the stupid delicious brownies my husband makes me.
Or I still beat myself up because I'm not pushing myself as hard as I know I can.
Everyday though I try harder.
I try to be better.
Make better choices.
Love my body where it's at right now.
Treat it with respect.
When I take care of my body the thing's it allows me to do are amazing!

Alright, long rant over!
This top is a perfect piece for spring and I see much use out of it in the sunny California summers.
These jeans are very comfy and I recommend if you carry weight on your bottom half these jeans are very forgiving for both your figure and wallet.
These jeans are transition jeans as I keep losing so for 13.80 I'm not complaining!
Added some very neon accessories and I was ready for a great day!
Also, this lace back is going to be even more perfect for me after my hair appointment Thursday!

What pieces are you adding into your wardrobe this season?

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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  1. Woohoo! You look great, girl! Especially love extra pop of colors on the nails :)

  2. Ah, are you chopping it off? Can't wait to see the new hair! :) You are so cute as always!