Friday, March 28, 2014

//Bumpdate 32 weeks + CA Pictures

 ( Andrew trying to be my paparazzi! Rude!)
 How many weeks: 32 weeks
Movement: Lots of movement when I'm trying to relax or when I'm sitting or laying down. I sometimes feel him when I'm up and moving around but bit as much as when I'm being still. 
Symptoms: Still some morning sickness, feeling uncomfortable in one position to long, back aches and the worst is being swollen in my hands and feet! Oh they ache so bad and I can't fit into many of my shoes. 
Any weight gain: Last appt I had I was up to 16 pounds. 
Sleep: If you let me I could sleep all day. I sleep pretty good once I'm out and usually just have to get up once to use the bathroom. 
Cravings: Ginger ale!
Moods: I've been a little bit emotional. Okay, that's a lie. I'm a cry baby lately. Oh, the emotions!!!
Stretch Marks: No new ones.
Linea Negra: Nope!
Belly button in or out: Still in but it's very shallow. 
Rings on or off: Wedding band off and my engagement ring is pretty close to being off. 
Moments during the week: Well were back from California! I'm happy to be home but sad that we didn't feel we got to spend more time with family and friends. It's never enough. I will admit it wasn't the most relaxing vacation. With the baby shower, (which was so fun don't get me wrong)Andrew working a big gig, then getting tooth pain again which resulted in a root canal and another tooth extraction, and his uncle being in the hospital, we sort of felt like we were all over the place. It was a pretty crazy week but I'm so happy we went and were able to see everyone. I wanted to just pinch everyone because they were in front of me in real life instead of over the internet. It's been hard being away from everyone but it just means more planning to get together and making it a priority to take time away to visit. I am really glad we were able to come to California and stay with Andrew's grandparents. I also feel very welcomed there so that was a nice place to kind of unwind. 
I was so grateful for all the beautiful things Liam got at the baby shower! You all made Andrew, me and Liam feel so loved! I just keep holding and looking at everything imagining Liam in all his cute clothes and playing with his fun toys. I'm so thankful! 

>>Still deciding when to take maternity leave. I'm the type that works up until the last minute before anything. I'm sort of battling with trusting God has everything under control. With becoming a new mom, still adjusting to living in Washington and being away from family, I just get myself so worked up sometimes. I hope I'm not the only new mom who goes through all of this. I feel like I could have all the money and material things in the world and I still wouldn't be "ready" I am anxious to meet him and start our life with him. It still seems so surreal to me sometimes until he kicks me in the gut and reminds me he's really there! Anyways, here's some pictures from our trip! All the baby shower pictures you can find on my facebook HERE Enjoy!
Hubert is our roadtrip hog

The drive is long but it sure is pretty!
We have Washington plates!!!

Mt Shasta
My handsome hubby at Peet's!
(This is the gig Andrew was apart of!) 


Jordyn & me! Love her so much!
Visiting at my old school I worked at. This is my 8th grade friend Kirsten! I have loved watching her grow up & excited for what God has for her. 

Real Mexican food. Sorry to my Washington friends but I haven't found a place yet that compares to the many we have in California!
Sister and me playing with mustaches from the shower
Andrew, Mom, me
Andrew doesn't always love the camera
We're back home!

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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