Saturday, March 8, 2014

//Bumpdate 29 weeks

How many weeks: 29 weeks
Movement: Every day I feel his kicking. It's so crazy that it's Liam kicking me. Im going to be honest sometimes it totally annoys me when I am trying to relax and I am like, "Hey kid, calm down in there!"
Symptoms: Still a low appetite, exhaustion where I feel like I could sleep all day and still not feel rested, round ligament pain, my pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to not fit so great anymore. Whaaa!
Any weight gain: Just had a Dr. appt and I am at 12 pounds weight gain still. 
Sleep: Better now that I have my mornings to relax and wake up naturally. 
Cravings: Nothing really this week. 
Moods: Irritable in the mornings. Just not in the mood to really do a whole lot except nest at home.  
Stretch Marks: No new ones.
Linea Negra: Nope!
Belly button in or out: Still in but that thing might poke out any day. It sure feels out to me.
Moments during the week: I did my test where they gibe you the "nasty" drink and I have no clue why people think it's gross. It literally is just sugar in a drink! I am not sure how sugar and nasty get put into the same category but it didn't phase me to drink it. I thought it was pretty good. If I slapped a cool label on there you people wouldn't know the difference and I would be a millionaire. Just sayin!

We leave for vacation in 11 days!!! I cannot wait for a break and just some relaxing time with family and friends. I miss so many people back in California. On the other hand though I have loved meeting new people and forming friendships here. It's give and take. 

I was feeling the other day about how I am just ready to be done working with other children for now. I love them and for the past four years it has been a joy investing in other children's lives but I'm done. I just want my own to invest in for a while. I am starting to get more anxious about meeting Liam. I know its going to be 24/7 and I know it's going to be different than my ideal in my head but he will be the baby God chose Andrew and I to take care of. That is something I am ready for.

Here is my registry again if you would like to view it. 
I have been blessed to receive a lot already but still needing some big ticket items. You can ship to us through the registry and it has our address already saved. Also, gift cards to target and IKEA would be wonderful too! We will need stuff down the line that we don't have the space to purchase for now. Also, if you can please avoid babies r us. I do not live very close to one!
I am getting so excited to see everyone in California! Waiting eagerly for my in and out!

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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