Tuesday, January 6, 2015

// Motherhood Unfiltered


The past seven months have been absolutely life changing. 
When the nurses put Liam on my chest I knew my world would be forever different. He just looked me in the eyes and knew I was his mama. When we finally were released from the hospital it was so so surreal. What now? It took so much adjusting, learning, trying to keep my eyelids open. 
I have learned an incredible amount of information, had emotions I never knew exsisted and became much more open minded. 
I told myself so many things I would never ever do. I even made fun of people who did parent certain ways and boy do I regret that! I have learned you just have to go with the flow or you will just go insane with everyone's unwanted advice and opinions. 
Each child, family and maternal instints are different. I ended up doing so many of the things I said I would never do and you know what, it is okay. 
Liam is happy, healthy, the biggest flirt and runs circles around me. 
( pajamas pretty much all day, everyday!)

To you, who is pregnant or a new mom, give yourself grace. Let yourself make choices and be okay with it if it makes you and your baby happy. Your happiness is just as important! Nod nicely to the unwanted advice, stand firm in your choices, love that sweet baby and know you are an amazing mother. 
Just last night I felt super self conscious. I got roped into the category that because I formula feed that means I am a non-gentle mama, speaks ill of co-sleeping, is a spanker or would be and lets my baby CIO. It really hurt my feelings because it was far from the truth and to be roped in a category by one decision is just ridiculous. 
Liam has taught me a lot. Between the great moments there are also hard moments. Each moment passes so quickly though that I try not to dwell on the hard to long. Do not let yourself fall into the trap that we don't all struggle as mothers. Many just choose to post the amazing filtered side of life. Post the great, but try to stay transparent too. It will help you and might help you gain a new mom friend!

Love Forever, 
Chel Chel 

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