Wednesday, May 7, 2014

//Bumpdate 37 weeks

 How many weeks: 37 weeks
Movement: Lots of tumbling and rumbling as expected. I think he saying he wants to come out and play!
Symptoms: Swollen. Tired. Low energy if I don't take a lot of breaks.  
Any weight gain: I am up to 20 pounds. 
Sleep: Pretty good minus the many times I get up to use the bathroom. I have lots of pillow people around me to keep me comfortable. 
Moods: Pretty relaxed. A lot of unexpected things keep popping up but I am trying to remain positive and not let life get in the way to much. I also have a bad habit of taking on other people's burden's and that really drains me so I have really been trying to be a listening ear but not take everything to heart. 
Stretch Marks: None I can see. 
Linea Negra: Yes!
Belly button in or out: It is as flat as a pancake. I am surprised it hasn't popped out. 
Rings on or off: Off! I wear a fakie sometimes. 
Moments during the week: I go in every week now for an appointment. It's nice getting to hear this little guy's heartbeat more often now. I am really trying to relax and take it easy. If Liam were to come today I would feel pretty prepared.

 I have been allowing myself to rest and to take frequent naps. I can tell my body needs it too because I can pretty much fall asleep at any hour now. I know sleep won't be in my vocabulary soon so I don't feel guilty when I rest. 

Daisy has really been stir crazy and I think she can sense change is happening. She gave us a scare on Monday and went back behind a freezer downstairs where we cook and there was decon back there (rat poison) but Andrew and I highly doubt she actually ate any. I think the second Andrew saw her back there she had just gone behind and didn't even have a chance to really let her curiosity get the best of her. Literally. We took her in anyways and she is now getting Vitamin K every night to help boost her blood in the case she did ingest some but she has been totally normal since Monday and usually the symptoms would start popping up by now. Cats, I tell ya. They didn't make up the saying, "curiosity killed the cat."Although she seems totally fine and I believe she is but that wasn't a very fun evening!

My original due date is May 28. I totally goofed last time and went to my other approximate due date of the 23. I keep mixing them up so honestly when he comes, he comes!

Please keep Andrew and I in your prayers as we will soon enter the journey of parenthood. This season hasn't been super easy but yet very fulfilling. God has really stretched Andrew and I in Washington and I know He has big plans for us. Sometimes in the day to day though that can be hard to remember. I know I can trust Him though because God has shown up every time we thought we were in a tough spot. God is good!

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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