Sunday, December 29, 2013


I think making goals in life are important. We all have different things we strive for and to write it all out really helps. Now actually setting out what you told yourself you wanted to do can be a bit tricky. It can be hard, the excuses flood in and then you're sitting at the end of another year wishing you had accomplished more. 
I look back at 2013 and see many great things I accomplished. 
With that though there is always the I wish I had done this or that but to be honest I'm pretty satisfied with this year. It's brought many unexpected changes and plot twists. 
God has really brought Andrew and I through many things and in return we have learned to trust Him so much more. 

I have a few goals this year and I always find if I write them down they are easier to remember and to actually accomplish. 

Goals & Resolutions:
(1) Have a healthy baby. 
(2) Pay off all our debt to starts saving for a house. 
(3) Run a half marathon. 
(4) Paint
(5) Journal at least a few times a week.  
(6) Go on a vacation.
(7) Be more intentional with my time.
(8) Explore my new state.
(9)Write more hand written letters.
(10) Letting go of things I can not control & keeping trust that God will always have the right solution.

What are some goals and resolutions you have? 

Love Forever, 
Chel Chel 

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