Wednesday, June 19, 2013

//10 Things I love about myself.

I am a total quote person. 
I find inspiration & such truth in so many & I really try to apply them to my life,
Something I have realized is that I am really pretty good at liking myself.
That sounds really arrogant at first but if you really think about it do you actually like yourself?
Do you like who you are & what you've become?
I'm that girl who loves to go on walks by myself.
Treat myself to coffee or lunch.
Go to the movies.
Whatever really. 
I have never minded hanging with myself.
For a while I never thought it was out of the ordinary until I learned most people in our society have no clue how to love themselves.
Well I want to share ten things about myself I really like & love.
I want you to do the same. Maybe you can come up with 20 or maybe 3 or even maybe 1.
But I challenge you to find things you love about yourself & be insanely okay with that.
I love my eyes. They are blue like the ocean and I love them!
I love that I'm loud. 
I love that I don't feel guilty for eating sweets. Life is short. Enjoy it.
I like my curves. I'm still learning to love them but for the most part I do like them because I feel very feminine.
I love my freckles.
I like that I have opinions & I am okay sharing my thoughts with others. I have no fear of communication. 
I like that I love to travel & explore this beautiful world.
I like that I love playing dress up & wearing make-up & being fancy but I love that I am okay to be bare-faced & wear workout clothes.
I like that I have become more of a private person. I am comfortable enough not having to prove my life through social networking.
I love that God gave me such a beautiful temple I strive to treasure it everyday.
I encourage you today to learn to like yourself. 
To believe in yourself & that you will allow God to show you the beauty He has given you.
We are all unique and special & it's a shame more people don't realize how amazing they really are.

Love Forever,
Chel Chel
P.S. I am still wanting to do a beaty giveaway. I still check my blog often even though currently I am not writing as often. I am going to try & write twice a week to really get my thoughts out during this season of my life. Follow me on Bloglovin. At 30 I will be doing a giveaway. I am at 22 now =)
To all of you who do read, I appreciate you.

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  1. Hi Chelsea, like you I am also a quote person. I have them hanging all over my bulletin board. If I see a quote I love, I either clip it or write it on a scrap of paper and up it goes on my board. All those wonderful words give me fuel when I need a pop of hope in my life. I will take you up on your challenge to find at least ten things about myself that I really like. Thank you for the reflective idea.

    1. Love quotes! Glad I could inspire you!