Wednesday, March 4, 2015

// babies guide to Disney

My husband and I took a quick trip to Disney this past weekend. We had tickets from our first year anniversary but we only were there a day out of the three days we had. My husband got really sick so we had to drive home. I was so grateful Disney let us come back! We had up to two years before they expired so we needed to use them or lose them before the summer! 

Going with a baby this time is very different! It was still super enjoyable but now after going with a little one I have some tips to having a magical time at the happiest place on earth! 

One: don't stress naps! We have a pretty flexible schedule at home but Liam goes down around the same time everyday and takes one two hour morning nap and a one and a half hour/two hour afternoon nap. At Disney, he just napped whenever he wanted for however long. I thought he was going to be really messed up but he actually did really great! I honestly cannot recall much crying or fussiness. We just went with the flow. 

Two: Take a break in the afternoon! We went back to the hotel to have lunch, nap/rest and just get off our feet in a cool room. We went in March but it was nice to have a quiet room to relax. 

Three: take breaks at the park to feed. Liam is bottle fed so we would stop and start his bottle and then let him finish in the stroller. They have mom rooms though if you wanted more privacy or quiet to either breastfeed or bottle feed. They also have really awesome changing stations. 

Four: watch the parades! I never did this before I had a baby and I am so glad I did! It was so fun and while Liam doesn't look totally amused here he really did enjoy it! 

Five: there are a good amount of rides you can go on! We went on small world first to test out if he would even like rides but he loved them! He just looked around and took in all the magic! He went on small world, haunted mansion, jungle cruise, Pirates and buzz light year. Any slow moving ride babies can go on. All of fantasyland is pretty much golden!

Six: meet characters. Preferably awake but everytime we wanted to meet a character Liam was asleep. Go figure. This was also something I never did before having a baby. 

Seven: get a Mickey Mouse hat! Seriously. Adorable. 

Eight: have fun and go with the flow! Stop when you need too. Relax and enjoy it. It's hard to have a plan with a baby because they can be unpredictable. We honestly had the best time we've ever had at Disney. When he slept we just cruised around, are snacks and took pictures. It's really a fun experience watching your baby take it all in! Truly magical! 

Any other tips you have? 
Love forever, 
Chel Chel 

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