Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wonders//Can you do that God?

Andrew and I were sitting in church Sunday night at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA.
Pastor Ray preached on Haggai and what was holding us back.
One of the points was about if we either look ahead or look behind us.
Andrew is the dreamer. Constantly he is sharing dreams and goals.
I do not.
As hard as that is to admit I can't help but look over my shoulder and glance into the past.
I have been sitting in that for while and it's holding me back.
Satan always gets in my head and tells me God can't really do that.
It's to big of a reach or to big of a dream.
I listen into that far to much & it disables me from really looking forward and letting God know the big desires and little desires of my heart.
I really feel God is telling me to write out my list of wonders since that message on Sunday
Well, I got a text from my GoTandem app yesterday that said: "God, you gave performed many wonders for us. Your plans are to numerous to list."
Psalm 40:5
I'm always asked a question too and it said: What's on your list of wonders?
God is so clear when you are constantly communicating with Him and diving into His word.
It just makes me laugh because I feel like for months things were so unclear and I was so frustrated yet I wasn't going to God with it and if I was it was half-hearted.
I'm still somewhat frustrated with this season and it's a very tough & broken place I am in to be honest, but I have so much peace at the same time because I have given God complete control and in that I feel incredibly free.
I think a list of wonders & dreams are a bit different than a bucket list.
I think wonders are something we think are to big for God when in reality they are not.
I wrote out a small lost of wonders but I believe I will add more as I press in more.
Some are to personal to share via internet but I will share a few.
[ For Andrew to become a worship leader and lead people into the presence of God]
[ For me to discover what my heart truly loves to do and not worry about the logistics of it financially]
[To be a Godly mother]
[For Andrew & I to have a small group]
[To inspire others to love themselves for who they are in Christ]
What are your wonders you think are to big for God?
Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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