Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well here it goes. My first fashion blog. I was pretty sceptical to start this because I didn't know if anyone would actually care. If anyone really needed fashion advice. Or if anyone liked my clothes. However, I decided to try this and let myself be free to create and style. So here is goes. My name is Chelsea and I am based out of the San Francisco area. It's sunny here, warm, and a busy place to live. I work with children as my day job but I have loved fashion since I was a girl. I used to beg my mom to buy me Vogue and I would tear through the magazines ripping out pictures that inspired me. My door, walls and closet mirror were covered. I used to study labels, fashion designers, stylists and everything in between that helps create the world of fashion. You can say I have been pretty consumed for quite a while. I'm still waiting on my Louboutins but I will get there. For now my fashion is almost always on a budget, affordable and easy to wear. If I just had to sit around all day maybe I would wear Chanel head to toe but that's in my fantasy life too. The next few pictures display my recent posts on my Instagram of my ootd or outfit of the day. I haven't decided how often I will post or exactly what type of outfits. Everything is still "under contruction." I just know I want to share my love of fashion with anyone and everyone. I want to be inspired, creative and stylish. Thanks for reading and I hope to get to know more bloggers soon.

Love Forever,
Chel Chel

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  1. Chelzz! You are too cute my friend and I love all your pics here! So excited to see what all you post. Love you! xoxo