Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One year

One year ago Andrew, Liam and I made the trip back home to California. Now, this day has brought up some memories for me. This is my space to write and express. My story. My side. Every season and person I have been thankful for whether they see it that way or not. I'm not upset or bitter. I'm a women who has walked through hard seasons and learned valuable lessons from them. I'm a women who wants everyone to like me and feels frustrated when that doesn't happen. 
So here I sit and write and this is my story of me and my family. 

Let me back up a bit. Andrew and I decided to move to Washington in the fall of 2013. We were working at our home church here in California. We got a new pastor and  just going to be honest here ( because honestly it was so long ago who cares?) we just didn't get along. End of story. It happens. It was a big deal to us then and it really isn't now. That's life. Like I said above I want everyone to like me but it just doesn't happen. You move on. 
So we set our eyes on a new home church in Washington. We followed my pastors there that I had known a very long time. I was pregnant with Liam and we looked at it like a fresh start. It was...for a while. 
I'm not getting in to the whole thing. 
Long story short it just didn't work out. 
We were struggling really bad ( I mean like literally no income and on almost every state program possible) and we were so homesick. 
After I had Liam I just was a mess. I needed my family. My saving grace up there was a group called Kitsap Hope Circle. I will forever remember that group because they were a circle of women who say and listened to me, cried with me and had zero judgement. We all mothered differently and that was totally fine! They rocked. 
Anyways, Andrew did land a job in Seattle and through that company we were able to transfer here back home to California. Today, marks a year. I'm honestly a little emotional but only because I'm sitting here thinking wow what a whirlwind! 
Andrew now works full time while also working really hard with his best friend on their small business.
I stay home with Liam and work part time..sort of. I had two jobs in the month of October because they overlapped eachother but that other job wants me back next wedding season. Another post. 
My point of this ramble is that you're not a tree. If youre unhappy...move. Also, it's okay to try something new and absolutely say this is not working. That is OKAY! You can try something and honestly just want to run back the other way. We kinda did! I love and miss Washington for many reasons but I also am happy to be back home ( minus rent costs. Lord, help me this month! ) 
Let yourself try something new and if you don't like it, try again. Change is good and it's inevitable so try and embrace it. Everything is a season and the point is to learn something from those seasons whether good or bad. 
Life is way way ( I'm not saying this lightly) to short to be unhappy. 
This is what happiness looks like after driving for almost 24 hours. Don't drive two states through with a small child after they just had shots. Just don't. 

Love Forever, 
Chel Chel